Ultra-fast freezing and post-freezing with maximum preservation of your product quality

  • Maintaining product quality
  • No dehydration
  • Minimum weight loss
  • Efficient freezing process
  • Minimum energy and water consumption
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Smart freezing technology

As a fish processor, you strive for maximum freezing efficiency and the best product quality. After all, customers have increasingly higher demands on the quality and shelf life of your product. In addition, the market and the government are becoming more critical on the environmental impact of food production and processing. Therefore, you want to use energy as efficiently as possible. To meet all these requirements, EQUANS has developed smart freezing technology that significantly improves the product quality and freezing efficiency, while reducing energy costs at the same time.

‘For us, quality is a top priority. EQUANS delivered on all its promises.’
- Tjeerd Hoekstra, algemeen directeur
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Efficient and sustainable freezing process

You can freeze and post-freeze products ultra-fast with our intelligent freezing technology, ‘smart IQF freezing’. For the cell structure of your fish, this is better than conventional deep-freezing technology. The product fluid and important nutrients are retained, and it dries out less. Not only the quality but also the volume of your product remains intact, which has a positive effect on your yield. At the same time, we help you utilize opportunities for heat recovery and improving energy efficiency.

Fish & Heat recovery

Save considerably on your energy costs and reduce your CO2 emissions with heat recovery. You use the residual heat from the cooling system and the various freezing installations for other processes that require heat, such as cleaning. EQUANS offers technology that captures residual heat, upgrades it and uses it in another specific process.

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Fish & Phasing out

While new European legislation prohibits the use and the replenishment of synthetic refrigerants in the long term, thousands of cooling and freezing installations in the fishery industry still depend on it. If you do not act on time, this can have major consequences for the continuity of your production. EQUANS offers various applications of a more sustainable alternative: natural refrigerants. With this, you not only safeguard your own production process, but you can also benefit from interesting tax benefits.

Everything about Phasing out

Tailored to your product and process

We know the properties for perfect freezing of every product. The fish species, thickness, shape and packaging; all factors that are important for the optimum freezing result. The better the freezing process, the higher your yield and the price you get for it. We use our knowledge of freezing technology and our experience in the fish industry to design a freezing installation that is completely tailored to your products and processes (the available space). We test your installation in advance, both in our laboratory and in your company to see whether it meets your quality demands.

Freeze recipes in an integral operating system

Freeze recipes for each product can be created within the management system. Various data per product, such as the thickness, shape and quality of the product, can be configured, after which all parameters of the cooling system and the freezer(s) are automatically set. The intelligent management system will automatically adjust the settings for the freezing tunnel.

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Exclude the use of cryogenic gases

Gambas and other products require a high freezing intensity. Often, freezing is done with cryogenic gases at a temperature of -80°C. This leads to high operational costs and high gas consumption. The EQUANS Air Injection Freezer will provide similar high-intensity freezing without the use of cryogenic gases and with much lower operational costs.

"We have become much busier since the new installation"
- Lub Kramer, co-owner
Gebroeders Kramer Fish Processing Plant
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