Oplossing Invriestechnologie Voedselverwerking

Freezing convenience products

Smart IQF freezing of EQUANS is suitable for both the freezing and the post-freezing process of various products like fish, meat cubes, vegetables, fruit and other convenience products.


For many entrepreneurs in the food processing industry, there is still much to be gained in optimizing the freezing process. While designing the freezing process, the cooling system, the freezing lines and peripherals are often designed and fitted separately, although these parts are closely related. With smart IQF freezing, the cooling system, freezing lines and peripherals are precisely coordinated thanks to an intelligent control system.

EQUANS designs and manufactures compact freezing installations and interweaves all smart technologies in it. By fine-tuning these systems and technologies, smart IQF freezing seamlessly matches all your requirements and wishes. It makes you reach the optimum balance between quality, efficiency and energy consumption. If freezers with standard dimensions do not fit, a custom-made freezer offers the right solution.

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Compact design

We utilize the available space best through intelligent designs and combinations. Because of standardized modules, units can be implemented with different sizes and easily connected to other units. Components of units remain exchangeable. This ensures continuity and ease of maintenance.

Opportunities for heat recovery

When freezing fish, pizzas or other convenience products, a fast and cold airflow is important. By blowing as much cold air as possible past the product, the heat from the product is removed quickly. With an add-on heat pump, EQUANS can collect that heat and upgrade it for other processes where heat is needed. You can also reuse the residual heat from the cold power plant. EQUANS offers technology that captures heat and uses it in another process.

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Test facility

We can test the effect of the freezing process on your product by using a test setup. Our team has simulation programs for analyzing the freezing process. Based on these models, we can calculate the theoretical energy consumption and perform an economic study of the optimal smart IQF freezing system for you.

Excluding the use of cryogenic gases

Thicker food products, such as meat balls and sausages, require a high freezing intensity. Often, freezing is done with cryogenic gases at a temperature of -80°C. This leads to high operational costs and gas consumption. High freezing intensity can be achieved with the EQUANS Air Injection freezer with much lower operational costs and without the use of cryogenic gases.

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