Smart and sustainable storage with a significantly higher yield

  • Controlled drying and storage
  • Longer retention of product quality
  • Minimal weight loss
  • Significantly lower energy costs
  • With less or even without sprout inhibitors
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Solutions for today's challenges

As an arable farmer, you want to dry and then store your products after harvesting as good as possible, while maintaining quality. But drying and cooling crops with outside air is increasingly uncertain: the climate is changing, and the weather is less predictable. This makes it more difficult to store your products for a long time without sacrificing quality. With the ban on the chemical sprout inhibitor chlorpropham, you are again faced with a challenge. This has resulted in a demand for new insights and a better grip on fluctuations in temperatures, humidity, and CO2.

Year-round constant storage conditions

EQUANS has developed various storage solutions that give you full control over the drying and storage process, regardless of the time of year. We offer a solution for short-, medium- and long-term storage for every budget. Our solution meets your requirements, your product-specific properties, your energy capacity, and retention of product quality.

Our smart and sustainable storage systems are fully mechanical. This allows you to dry and store agricultural products in constant conditions, independent of the outside air. If the outside air conditions are favourable, then the refined control system can control the hatches and thrust fans extremely accurately. This way you have the best of both worlds, and you are assured of optimum storage conditions for your product all year round.

Sustainability in the broadest sense of the word

Food processors are increasingly being asked to account for the way in which their suppliers have set up the production process and how they handle raw materials and pesticides. This forces you to operate more sustainably and energy-efficiently. Every storage solution from EQUANS therefore works with natural refrigerants. These products are environmentally friendly and are often much more energy efficient, without compromising the cooling capacity. This also protects your own production process, as no new cooling installations may be built with synthetic refrigerants from 2022.

In addition, we explore the potential for utilizing residual heat and saving and/or eliminating gas in any solution. We design the tailored solutions so that we can achieve an excellent distribution of power with maximum energy efficiency and minimal CO2 emissions. Good for the environment and your wallet. By investing in energy-efficient technologies, you can benefit from fiscal arrangements such as the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA), the Sustainable of sustainable energy production (SDE) and municipal incentive schemes.

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Eliminate expensive sprout inhibitors

At the same time, EQUANS' storage solutions respond to the ban on the chemical sprout inhibitor chlorpropham. In an environment with stable conditions, products remain calm, produce no heat and germinate less. This can greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for sprout inhibitors. This makes our systems particularly interesting for organic growers. If you still want to use (biological) sprout inhibitors, you can keep them indoors in closed storage and they will not evaporate. A golden combination.

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