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Freezing technology

Ultra-fast freezing and post-freezing for maximum product quality, an efficient production process and minimal energy consumption. Suitable for fish, fries, pizzas and other convenience products.

Smart freezing technology for food products

Opportunities for improved operational management are important in every business. With our modern deep-freeze technology for food products, we can evidently improve your product quality and your production process. At the same time, this improved technology also reduces the cost of processing your products.

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Preserving quality, thanks to improved freezing technology

Ultra-fast freezing and post-freezing (glazing) is better for the cell structure of your fish, meat or vegetables than conventional deep-freeze technology. Fluids and important nutrients are retained in the product and because it dries out less, not only the quality but also the volume of your product is retained. This has a positive effect on your yield.

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Tailored to your product and processing methods

We know the freezing characteristics of every product. The type of product, the thickness and the packaging are all factors that play a role in achieving the perfect freezing procedure. The more effectively you do that, the higher your yield and the better the price you receive for your product. We use our knowledge and experience to design a deep-freeze system that is fully geared to your products and the way you process them. We test your system in advance, both in our laboratory and at your premises, and we test the technology against the desired quality of your end-product. 

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"We have become much busier since the new installation"
- Lub Kramer, co-owner
Gebroeders Kramer Fish Processing Plant

Service life and efficiency improvement

With our smart freezing technology, freezing is so fast that less moisture is released than with a conventional system. As a result, the freezer has fewer problems with ice growth, which doubles the service life and significantly increases your productivity. Thanks to the smart design you can clean the installations quickly and easily. Therefore, our technology is always awarded the highest scores during HACCP inspections. The start-up time is also twice as fast as for a conventional freezer.

Freezing technology & Fish

In addition to smart freezing technology, we offer solutions for heat recovery and the use of cryogenic gases to fish processors. We have sustainable alternatives to synthetic refrigerants. See what else we do for the fish processing industry.

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Freezing technology & Food processing

There are many more technological options to increase product quality, energy-efficiency and yield. This includes heat recovery, moisture regulation and the use of natural refrigerants. See what else we do for the food processing industry.

Everything about Food processing

Sustainable freezing and energy saving

Ultra-fast freezing requires much less energy without any loss of performance. A saving of 20% on your energy consumption is possible. Our deep-freeze systems use natural refrigerants through which your company is evidently contributing to the sustainability of the food chain. This also means you are ready for the new regulations that prohibit synthetic refrigerants. 

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One point of contact for the complete system

For many entrepreneurs in the food processing industry, there is still much to be gained in optimizing the freezing process. While designing the freezing process, the cooling system, the freezing lines and peripherals are often designed and fitted separately, although these parts are closely related. With smart IQF freezing, the cooling system, freezing lines and peripherals are precisely coordinated thanks to an intelligent control system. This result in a freezing process with improved efficiency and maximum financial return, and in the unlikely event of a possible malfunction in the system, you have only one point of contact for the complete system.

Intelligent operating system tailored for all installations and processes

Our IT specialists develop software that we use to fully harmonize your deep-freeze system with your other systems and production processes. With this, the freezing of your products links up seamlessly to your entire operation. Integration with other processes such as crate inverters, conveyor belts and feeder machines are also possible, and with this you control your entire deep-freeze line by just pressing one button without the need to adapt or replace your software. 

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‘Always thinking with its customers, that’s EQUANS’
- Johan Verheij, Project Manager
Aviko potato processor
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Opportunities for heat recovery

When freezing fish, pizzas or other convenience products, a fast and cold air flow is important. By blowing as much cold air as possible past the product, the heat from the product is removed quickly. With an add-on heat pump, EQUANS can collect the heat and upgrade it for other processes where heat is required. You can also reuse the residual heat from the cooling system. EQUANS offers technology that captures heat and uses it specifically in another process.

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