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Who is EQUANS (formerly known as ENGIE Refrigeration)?

With innovations in cooling, heating and freezing technology we help our customers to achieve the best product quality and a sustainable production process. This provides better operating results and contributes to a more sustainable food chain.

Authority in sustainable refrigeration technology

Cooling and refrigeration are a vitally important part of many processes in a wide range of sectors, particularly the agricultural sector and the food and chemical industries. Refrigeration is essential for many products during production and processing but also during the storage and distribution processes. Among other things, it helps preserve the quality of products. *EQUANS is a market leader and a specialist in refrigeration technology.

Customised refrigeration technology

EQUANS is now an established name in the agricultural sector and the food and chemical industries. By attracting, training and investing in refrigeration specialists, we can now supply refrigeration technology at the highest level in each of these sectors. We always connect you directly to those refrigeration specialists that have the most valuable and unique knowledge in your sector. This goes further than a purely specialist knowledge of refrigeration technology; it also includes expertise in project realisation and maintenance and advice on financing, energy saving, and the legislation on cooling and heating systems and the related refrigerants. By listening carefully, studying your needs and continually optimising their knowledge, our refrigeration specialists always realise the best refrigeration solution for you.

Sustainable refrigeration technology

Innovative and sustainable refrigeration technology are our basic criteria for offering you the most future-proof solution with the best possible quality. That gives you the assurance that you can protect and preserve the quality of your products to the maximum and that in the future you will not be affected by legislative restraints such as the phasing out of synthetic refrigerants, which is currently an important issue. By opting for our sustainable refrigeration technology – that is, refrigeration with natural refrigerants – you will be protecting the environment to the maximum and you will also be eligible for tax benefits.

A head start with refrigeration technology from EQUANS

Backed up by our knowledge, expertise and commitment, our employees are always ready to provide our customers with the added value that you would expect from an expert. Whether it involves selecting the best solution in the area of refrigeration technology, improving the availability of the refrigeration system or supplying 24/7 service, our mission is to always give our customers a head start over their competitors.

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More information?

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