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New smart freezing technology: DI-freezer

Seafood Expo Global - 7 to 9 May 2019

The Seafood Expo Global, the world’s largest event for the fishing industry, takes place in Brussels from 7 to 9 May. ENGIE Refrigeration is present. And shows how smart feezing technology can result in maximum product quality, a more efficient production process, and minimal energy consumption.

At the Seafood Expo Global, more than 26,000 exhibitors, suppliers and other professionals from the fishing industry come together. Here visitors are introduced to the latest products and technological developments. As a specialist in refrigeration services, ENGIE puts its latest freezing technology in the spotlight during this event: the Double Impact freezer.

The Double Impact freezer

This versatile freezer is a valuable addition to ENGIE’s collection of smart freezing technology. Within this concept, ENGIE already offered 2 types of freezers: a low-cost Line freezer with conventional freezing technology and an Air Injection freezer with smart freezing technology for ultra-fast freezing and minimal dehydration of the product.

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Benefits DI-freezer

With the addition of the DI freezer, customers now also have a third option with the following benefits:

  • Ideal for freezing and post-freezing thinner and thicker products
  • Shorter freezing time: twice as fast as line freezer with less dehydration of the product 
  • Less energy consumption, a low noise level
  • Suitable for all kinds of refrigerants
  • Hygienic design, easy to clean
  • Compact and smart modular construction


Do you want to know how smart freezing technology can ensure maximum product quality, a more efficient production process, and minimal energy consumption? Order the free knowledge document ‘Smart IQF freezing’ now.

And visit stand # 3-5662 during the event for more information.