Traitement d’alimentation

Food safety and sustainability in the workplace

  • Maximum product quality
  • Continuous and reliable process
  • Maximum control over temperature
  • Complete package: technology, advice, and energy
  • Utilizing residual heat
  • Energy efficient
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Technology that contibutes to quality and yield

Food processing companies usually arrange their cooling processes well. However, there are many more technological options available to increase product quality, energy efficiency and yield. This includes heat recovery, condensation solutions for moisture regulation and the use of natural refrigerants. EQUANS helps you with this.

Sustainable at all levels

Many companies do not take advantages of the opportunities to use the residual heat for other processes, to maintain product quality or to improve the hygiene of (high-care) production areas. With our air (distribution) technology and knowledge of energy flows, it is possible to seize those opportunities. This technology allows you to use the residual heat from your cooling systems to keep temperature levels in the various production areas equalized. A more constant temperature is betterfor the quality of your end-product.

You can also use the residual heat to defrost and temper frozen products in a controlled way. By capturing and reusing the residual heat, or by linking existing energy flows, you reduce energy consumption and waste. If this does not cover your total heat requirement, you can, for instance, generate it sustainably with a heat pump. This leads to a significant reduction of your energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions. Read more >

Traitement d’alimentation & Récupération de chaleur

Heat recovery is particularly beneficial for food processing companies. That is because they simultaneously require both cooling and heating for their products and processes. With EQUANS heat recovery solutions, they can smartly benefit from that.

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Traitement d’alimentation & Technologie de congélation

EQUANS designs and manufactures compact (post) freezing installations that are equipped with various smart technologies. By coordinating these well with each other, our freezing technology meets all your requirements and wishes and make you achieve the optimum balance between quality, efficiency, and energy consumption.

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Traitement d’alimentation & Élimination progressive

We are happy to assist food processing companies in phasing out synthetic refrigerants. As of 2022, no new cooling installations may be built with synthetic refrigerants. That is why we offer various suitable and safe applications of a more sustainable alternative: natural refrigerants. By using these, you don’t only safeguard your production processes, but you can also benefit from interesting tax benefits.

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Less moisture and condensation

Many companies in the food processing industry are also struggling to reduce moisture and condensation from cold stores to protect product quality. Ventilation with outside air reduces condensation in the (high-care) production areas, but this introduces bacterial risks that can influence quality and hygiene. EQUANS has developed various systems that provide a grip on moisture regulation and condensation, without using outside air.

Prepared for the future

As of 2022, no new cooling installations may be built with synthetic refrigerants with high GWP (Global Warming Potential). We offer various suitable and safe applications for a future-proof alternative: natural refrigerants. By switching to natural refrigerants, you don’t only safeguard your own production process, but you can also benefit from interesting tax benefits.

Do you want more information about these possibilities? We are happy to advise you.