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Substantial savings can be achieved through heat recovery

Companies that refrigerate and freeze products industrially are unnecessarily throwing away tens of thousands of euros. By recycling the heat released during the refrigeration and freezing processes, you too can achieve major savings on heating costs.

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Attractive tax schemes with heat recovery

Annual savings of more than fifty thousand cubic meters of natural gas or tens of thousands of kilowatt hours are possible through heat recovery. Furthermore, when you use heat recovery, you help to reduce CO2 emissions because you consume less energy. In this way, your business is contributing to make the chain in which you are operating more sustainable. The government has introduced attractive tax incentives to stimulate the use of heat recovery. For example, with the Energy Investment Deduction (EIA) you can deduct up to 41.5 percent of your investment costs from your taxable income over and above your usual tax deduction. 

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How does heat recovery lead to less energy consumption?

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Integrate heat recovery and generation in your processes

Every company that refrigerates and freezes products industrially is generating a huge amount of residual heat, enough to heat a row of houses. This heat is released during the refrigeration or freezing process, and is usually discharged and lost into open air.  By capturing residual heat, and where necessary, upgrading it to a higher temperature, it becomes available to other processes.

With an additional compressor on the cooling installation and the use of a heat pump system, you can upgrade low-temperature residual heat captured during the cooling process to a temperature level of 60 degrees and higher. This way, you generate so much heat from residual heat that you significantly reduce your gas and energy consumption. In some cases, it is even possible to turn off the gas supply and to heat without gas.

"Heat recovery saves costs from the start"
- Grad van Schijndel, maintenance manager
Zwanenberg Food Group

There are numerous applications for heat recovery

Your residual heat can be used in many different ways. Some companies use it to heat cleaning water to the desired temperature. Other companies use it for floor heating. There are also companies that need heat for their industrial processes for example, making cheese. With smart solutions in heat recovery, businesses are saving on energy costs, and at the same time meeting the increasing demand from their customers for clean production techniques.

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Récupération de chaleur & Traitement d’alimentation

Heat recovery is one of the solutions for food processing companies. In addition, EQUANS offers special freezing technology for convenience products and we work together with the food processing industry on phasing out synthetic refrigerants.

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Récupération de chaleur & Agro

In addition to heat recovery, we offer agribusinesses innovative storage solutions. This preserves product quality and allows you to store your products for a longer period. We can also assist you to phase out synthetic refrigerants.

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Récupération de chaleur & Poisson

Heat recovery technology on a deep-freeze installation for fish extracts the heat released during the freezing process quickly. This increases product quality and enables you to use the residual heat for other processes which requires heat, such as cleaning processes.

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Heat recovery during the processing of food

Heat recovery is particularly interesting for food processing companies. This is because they require both cooling and heating of their products and processes simultaneously. With a customized solution they can respond to this in a smart way. This EQUANS solution consists of the infrastructure to capture the heat released during refrigeration or freezing. Technology is also required to use this heat in a targeted and responsible way in your company.

We calculate the heat you recovered

We guide you during the entire process of heat recovery, from drawing up a business case to actually saving energy. The process starts by calculating the residual heat released by your refrigeration or deep-freeze system, followed by a specification of how this heat can be captured and used responsibly. Lastly, we map out the adjustments that you need to make to do this. We also help you to calculate how quickly you will earn back your investment. Depending on the options, payback is possible within three years. Heat recovery can be realized without disrupting your production process. 

You will soon notice that you are using much less energy! 

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