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Phasing out refrigerants R134a, R407 and R410

What are the rules for phasing out refrigerants R134a, R407 and R410 and what does this mean for you?

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Solutions for installation with R134A, R407 and R410

A production limitation applies to the synthetic refrigerants with a GWP value of <2,500. This includes the frequently used refrigerants such as R134a, R407C, R407F, and R410A.

What has been decided?
The production of refrigerants R134a, R407C, R407F and R410A is being phased out step-by-step. In 2020, the total production of synthetic refrigerants will be reduced by around 40%. In 2030, only 20% of the currently produced synthetic refrigerants may still be marketed.

As there is no usage ban for this group of refrigerants, installations running on R134a, R407C, R407F and R410A may still be refilled after 2030.

What are the consequences?
The price of refrigerants will increase because soon, considerably less synthetic refrigerants will be available. Replenishment of an installation that runs of synthetic refrigerants becomes significantly more expensive. There may even be shortages of certain types of refrigerants.

What can I do?
Are you planning to purchase a new cooling installation? Increasingly more cooling installations run on natural refrigerants, such as CO2, propane, or ammonia. These solutions are environmentally friendly and very energy-efficient. With this, you also comply with legislation in the long term. As an entrepreneur, you can also benefit from interesting tax schemes.

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