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How can I improve the quality of my chicory root and reduce energy costs

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Mechanical refrigeration of chicory (root)

Do you want to improve the quality of your chicory (root), reduce energy costs and make the production process more sustainable at the same time?

Thanks to an innovative and sustainable refrigeration technique, EQUANS enables you to manage the 3 essential elements of storing chicory (roots):

  • Temperature
  • Air humidity
  • Air circulation

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Regulating temperatures and air humidity is not that difficult. However, taking control over a homogeneous air distribution is much more challenging. With EQUANS’s mechanical refrigeration the cold air reaches every chicory (root) in your storage room. Not a single root will sprout due to changing temperatures.

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Optimale bewaarcondities

EQUANS’s secret behind this equal air distribution? Energy-saving EC engines, that are adjustable in speed and alternate in power. ‘Dead angles’ now belong to the past, as well as differences in temperatures and ice on fan blades or crates.

The optimal storage conditions result in chicory roots of maximum quality, even after 10 to 12 month of storage. As a result, they give excellent chicory crops during the growing process.

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Nature's Gold

Chicory producer Nature’s Gold in Zundert benefits of all the advantages of mechanical refrigeration. The natural refrigerant ammonia (NH3) in the system guarantees the lowest possible energy consumption. And makes the system sustainable and future-proof.

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Gijs van Dongen, owner of Nature’s Gold, says: “Thanks to the optimal conditions, even chicory of deteriorating quality will recover during storage. This allows me to store all my chicory roots for one year, without loss of quality and with much lower energy costs.

Interested in the possibilities at your company? We're happy to advise you.