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Much media attention for ENGIE Refrigeration’s drying and storage technology

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The condensation drying technology of ENGIE Refrigeration, which enables to dry and store onions and potatoes independently from the unreliable outside air, gained much media attention lately. The renowned Boer & Business website for news and innovations in the agricultural sector paid extensive attention to this in news items and video interviews.

Possibly it is the outstanding results at various onion and potato growers who have implemented the technology that grabbed the attention of Boer & Business. It could also be the conclusions of the so-called Crops Tour, in which the online medium monitors onions and potatoes at various Dutch lots. Whatever the reason, the condensation drying technology has not remained unnoticed.

Marcel Bennink, Project Manager at ENGIE Refrigeration, shares his experiences in the interview* on the Boer & Business website. “ENGIE has already successfully equipped various onion and potato storages with condensation drying technology. It allows the product to be dried and refrigerated 24 hours a day without using the unreliable outside air.”

For a long time, the agricultural sector depended on the outside air for drying and cooling crops. Due to climate changes, arable farmers are no longer able to preserve their products for the long-time without compromising on quality. Thanks to condensation drying, they will no longer suffer from this.

By eliminating the outside air, the ideal drying and storage conditions can be accurately controlled, without gas consumption and with lower CO2 emissions. This makes it possible to dry onions twice as fast, to better preserve the quality of onions and potatoes, and to save more than 80% energy consumption on an annual basis. This not only helps the environment, it mainly benefits you, as onion producer Roger Custers confirms.

During the Crops Tour, the website reported on innovations in the sector, including ENGIE’s condensation drying technology. The conclusion: “The storage of products can be improved by offering a constant climate with constant temperature and humidity. With condensation drying technology it is possible to create added value.”

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