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Maintain quality and control weight through even and controlled drying

Every cheese maker is looking for the perfect air conditioning solution for their products. The air conditioning system that we have developed will help you to supply the top-quality cheese that gives you your distinctive position on the market.

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Smart air-handling technology for cheese. Read more about it in our free information brochure.

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Why we opt for stable air conditions

The quality of your cheese strongly depends on the maturing process (ripening). During ripening, the cheese changes its taste, composition, and appearance. The cheese acquires its distinctive character by losing moisture but, at the same time, losing moisture is a huge risk for you as an entrepreneur. If the cheese loses too much moisture, the chance of cracks and excessive weight loss increases and that costs money.

Controlling air conditions is essential during ripening. In modern cheese warehouses, large numbers of cheeses are placed very close to each other, resulting in differences in air conditions and air velocity. These can immediately lead to large differences in ripening speed, crusting, and weight loss. The smart air-handling system of EQUANS allows you to condition storage rooms and processes the way you want, and to control the optimum ripening conditions at all times.

Innovative technology for cheese ripening

The secret of our air-handling system is the even supply of air over your cheeses during cheese ripening. This dries the cheese uniformly and in a controlled way. Our air-handling system is based on a system of tubes that is custom-designed for your cheese storage. The tubes contain blow nozzles with scooping edges. This innovative technique has been extensively researched in our test rooms and is now proving itself every day.

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Preserving quality and weight

The result is impressive. Compared to other systems, you can minimize differences between cheeses with the lowest and highest weight loss with EQUANS air-handling technology. With this, you achieve lower average weight loss and you maintain the quality of all cheeses in your warehouse which is why the investment pays for itself.

Cheese ripening & Dairy

In addition to an air-handling system, we offer cheese makers various refrigeration and heating solutions. For example, with an ice water installation we can provide the required cooling for all processes where refrigeration is needed. A piping system then supplies all cold demanding processes. See what other solutions we can offer you.

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Sustainable cheese ripening

Do you want to mature and produce cheese as sustainably as possible? We can assist you with sustainable production through the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants. Our cooling installations run on natural refrigerants, such as ammonia, CO2 and propane. By investing in energy-efficient cooling, you are also eligible for tax benefits, such as the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA). We are happy to explore the possibilities with you.

Organic cheese factory Hafenkäserei
"An even distribution of air in the maturation warehouses results in cheeses of the same quality."
- Ann-Paulin Söbbeke
Organic cheese factory Hafenkäserei
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Financing options

If you are interested in our solution but are currently unable to invest in sustainable technology, then EQUANS will help you. In addition to design and realization, EQUANS can also help you finance and operate it. This way, you will immediately benefit from lower energy costs and sustainable entrepreneurship. Explore the options.

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