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Substantial savings can be achieved through heat recovery

Food processing companies who refrigerate and freeze products industrially are unnecessarily throwing away tens of thousands of euros. 

By recycling the heat released during the refrigeration and freezing process, you too can achieve major savings on heating costs.

Simultaneous heat and cold requirements

Heat recovery is particularly interesting for companies in the food industry, the potato industry, and the meat processing industry. This is because they require both cooling and heating for their processes at the same time (simultaneously). EQUANS offers tailor-made solutions to smartly respond to those demands.

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‘Always thinking with its customers, that’s EQUANS’
- Johan Verheij, Project Manager
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Applications of heat recovery at food processing companies

Many companies do not use the heat they extract from existing cooling installations during the cooling process due to the low-temperature level. However, with an additional compressor on the cooling installation and the application of a heat pump system you can upgrade this low-temperature residual heat to a usable temperature level of 60 degrees and higher. Possible examples of residual heat applications are:

  • Hot water supply for industrial processes and cleaning activities in, for example, slaughterhouses
  • Tempering processes to heat food products
  • Pasteurization process in the dairy industry
  • Drying processes
  • Heating offices and other spaces

More sustainable and inexpensive with gas elimination

Companies now often use (gas) boilers to heat water for, for example, cleaning processes or tempering processes. Thanks to the heat recovery technology of EQUANS, they can now use the cooling installation and the compressor to heat water instead of gas. This results in a better CO2 footprint and considerably lower energy costs.

The difference in the price of gas and electricity is an important investment criterion when purchasing a heat pump system. After all, the gas price increases year after year due to the increase in taxes and VAT. With this investment, you protect future business operations because the fossil fuel is becoming increasingly scarce. This makes the investment in a heat pump system increasingly attractive.

"Heat recovery saves costs from the start"
- Grad van Schijndel, maintenance manager
Zwanenberg Food Group
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Our added value

We look at your complete business process, such as the use of hot water and the different temperature levels in your company. With an inventory of processes where heat is required and where heat is released, we can make a calculation of the possible energy savings through the reuse of residual heat. Within a few days, you will receive the business case with the payback time. This will assist you to make an informed decision.

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