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Sustainability label for EQUANS' condensation drying technology

EQUANS' condensation drying technology has recently been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label. With this, it may call itself one of 1,000 clean and profitable solutions in the world that protect the environment.

Clean and profitable solution

The Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label is an initiative of the Solar Impulse Foundation. This organization aims to improve the quality of life on earth by, among other things, accelerating the implementation of clean and profitable solutions. According to the foundation, condensation drying is one of them. It enables arable farmers to keep their products for longer without compromising on quality and operate in an energy-neutral way at the same time.

Maximum energy-efficiency

The condensation dryer is a hybrid cooling and heating installation in one. It brings the air below the condensation point so that a lot of moisture can be removed and arable products such as onions and potatoes dry. The heat released during this process is reused to keep the products at the right temperature during the storage period.

Whereas the energy-efficient heat pump dries products quickly or keeps them at the right temperature, solar panels generate the fraction of energy required for this. In this way, maximum energy efficiency is achieved. The system is even energy positive. That makes this technology unique.

Drying and storage without the outside air

The advantage of condensation drying is clear: it puts uncertain outdoor conditions out of play. This is important because climate change leads to more unpredictable weather, which makes it more challenging to store crops for longer without seriously compromising on quality. Thanks to the condensation drying technology, arable farmers no longer suffer from this. They can now dry products twice as fast, maintain the quality during storage and benefit from a significantly higher yield.

Not surprisingly, the enthusiasm for ENGIE’s technology is growing among arable farmers. Several applications, for instance at Custers’s Farm and Akkerbouwbedrijf Mul Zeewulde, show that condensation drying not only offers added value for arable farmers but the environment as well. The label of the Solar Impulse Foundation underlines that.

Valuable award

Being awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label shows what we stand for as EQUANS: achieving technological breakthroughs that are designed for the specific challenges of entrepreneurs and that contribute to better business results and sustainability.

To receive the label, the condensation drying technology was thoroughly assessed by a pool of independent experts according to 3 criteria covering three main topics:

  • The technology has proven itself in practice.
  • It has a demonstrable positive impact on the environment and reduces the CO2 footprint.
  • It is a cost-effective solution with a short payback period.

Do you want more information?
Read how condensation drying works or watch the video on the website of the Solar Impulse Foundation.