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Reliable Zephyr water cooling with temperature stability

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Whether you are active in the medical world, the agricultural sector, sciences or the manufacturing industry… Reliable water cooling with high temperature stability is crucial for a number of applications. Zephyr® water cooling units have therefore been a successful product of EQUANS for years.

We are very precise at EQUANS when it comes to cooling. Since it is of the utmost importance, for the correct result of your activities, that everything functions perfectly, including the cooling equipment.

A sea of Zephyr® opportunities

A sea of Zephyr® opportunities
In order to perfectly comply with the requirements and wishes of clients from various fields, ENGIE has developed an extremely complete Zephyr® water cooling units program. There are special ranges for scientific, medical, industrial or agricultural purposes. We also supply Zephyr® heat exchangers.

Zephyr® Water cooling units for, among other things, electron microscopes

For the precise cooling of electronic scientific equipment you can choose from a range of water cooling units with modulating temperature control. For example, we developed a special unit for cooling extremely powerful electron microscopes. This unit ensures a remarkably stable water temperature and water pressure, so that you obtain an optimum result at very high magnifications. All water cooling units in this series use a close capillary injection system with environment-friendly refrigerant, which guarantees high operational safety. Besides being accurate, reliable and silent, these units are also attractively priced.

Zephyr® Water cooling units for X-ray and medical equipment

There is a special range of Zephyr® units for the cooling of X-ray and medical equipment as well. They are available in all types of designs; not only for various voltages and with various capacities, but also for various situations. To give an example: we have special units for the cooling of scanners for medical use. If desired, such a cooling unit can be supplied in a design suited for high air intake temperature, so that it can be used in a hospital in a tropical climate without any trouble. All units of this tested range are equipped with a quiet stainless steel underwater pump. The compressor cooling system is filled with environment-friendly refrigerant.

Zephyr® Water cooling units for industrial and agricultural applications

Our range of water cooling units for industrial use has a modular construction, so that we can always build a solution with the correct capacity for you. The choice of compressors, refrigerants, pumps, etc. can also be tuned to your objectives. Furthermore the installation options are very comprehensive. For example, you can choose a separate, air-cooled condenser which can be installed outside. The tank part, which is equipped with a stainless steel underwater pump with a very low noise level, can, if necessary, be supplied separately and installed in a production area as well. We also use the units from this range for the cooling of brines that are used in the storage of agricultural and horticultural products.

Zephyr® Heat-exchangers for various applications

Do you have a cooled water network in your company or organisation? Then you can use the Zephyr® heat exchangers for cooling the equipment and processes.

Zephyr® water cooling units and heat exchangers have been tested comprehensively and are supplied with a test report and operating instructions. Zephyr® products are constructed in compliance with the most recent European guidelines and are equipped with the CE-logo.

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