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Climate chambers

With climate chambers, EQUANS can investigate the effect of changing conditions on crops and also how to to grow crops indoors and otherwise (urban farming).

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High-quality technology for high-quality research

Almost all climatic conditions for seed breeding, seed testing, seed storage development and crop protection can be simulated in our climate chambers. EQUANS combines a broad range of possible applications with very low tolerances, great stability, and high reliability. With this, you get maximum return from the correct treatment of seeds, which makes you ready for the future.

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Low tolerances

As an example, we can simulate a natural day and night rhythm without any major fluctuations in temperature, light and relative humidity. Furthermore, the control of air velocity produces an optimal air flow rate. Oxygen and CO2 become available in precise amounts so that researchers can carefully control photosynthesis and the processing of assimilation. 

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Reproducible research

The trials that we conduct in our climate chambers are 100 percent reproducible. We don’t only test all the specifications in advance, such as the temperature, humidity, CO2 management, light intensity, air movement and irrigation, but we also validate our climate chambers together with clients.

Chambres climatiques & Horticulture

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Chambres climatiques & Agro

Do you need new insights and a grip on fluctuations in temperatures, humidity, and CO2 during the storage of your agricultural products? See how you can accurately control ideal drying and storage conditions with innovative storage technology.

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