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Financing options

Do you immediately want to benefit from lower energy costs and sustainable entrepreneurship, but are you currently unable to invest in sustainable technology? Then EQUANS will help you.

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One-stop-shop for investment and financing

In addition to design and realization, EQUANS can offer you a financing solution because of our collaboration with SG Equipment Finance (SGEF). This company is part of the Société Général Group, one of the biggest players in the world in project finance, particularly for sustainability projects. Thanks to our partnership with SGEF, EQUANS can take over the entire financing and operation for you. This way, major savings are possible without investing a penny yourself.

A rapid assessment of financeability

After making an inventory of your wishes and requirements regarding the technological solution, you will receive a proposal and cost overview from EQUANS. If you require financial support, then EQUANS will introduce the financing application from SGEF. Our partner will be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss the application and ensures a rapid assessment of the project’s financeability. Of course you can use existing subsidy schemes. Once the application process is completed you will receive a financing proposal. SGEF can also include the pre-financing of down payments in the total financing proposal.

The financing options

There are several options for financing and payment. For example, you can finance the EQUANS technology through a lease construction. In this case you pay a monthly fee to EQUANS for the use of the technology. Another option is to have the technology financed and exploited by EQUANS. Hereby EQUANS (partly) takes over (a part of) the business operations and maintenance and bears the full risk. In addition to a lease or exploitation construction, EQUANS can also offer you a deferred payment arrangement. It is up to you to select the financing option that best suits you.

Performance contract

Naturally, we make joint agreements about the price and the required performance. We record this in a performance contract. This way, you remain fully in control. We offer our services in various contract forms, such as DBFMO or ESCo, and we are happy to discuss the most suitable contract for you.

More information about the financing options?