Simulate, research and optimize crops

  • Simulation of almost all climatic conditions
  • Simulate natural day and night rhythm without major fluctuations in light and RH
  • Control air velocities for optimum airflow
  • 100% reproducibility on tests performed
  • Wide application possibilities such as smart and urban farming
  • Very low tolerances
Branche Horticulture

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Innovative and sustainable climate chambers

With innovative and sustainable climate chambers, EQUANS can research, optimize and guarantee the crops growth. In our climate chambers, we can simulate almost all the climatological conditions required for seed breeding, to test the seeds, and to develop seed storage and protection products. EQUANS combines a broad range of possible applications with very low tolerances, great stability, and high reliability. This way, you get maximum return from the correct treatment of seeds, which makes you ready for the future.

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Growing demand for new cultivation methods

Various developments, like climate change or the increasingly limited availability of agricultural land, require new, more sustainable and innovative methods of crop cultivation. Technological breakthroughs are required due to the increasing world population and the demands of governments and customers for more sustainable production methods.

Optimize crop growth

Are you looking for vertical cultivations methods to grow crops above each other? Perhaps you are looking for a method that can be used in spaces without any daylight, such as boats or cellars, so that an indoor farm becomes a possibility, or for the ideal growing conditions for new types of crops? Let us know.

'Develop climate chambers for as many different experimental conditions as possible'
- University of Amsterdam
University of Amsterdam
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We design climate chambers in close cooperation with our clients, such as research institutes, colleges, universities and high-tech companies. To completely meet the relevant requirements, we always select the best components, technology and materials. For example, when automating climate chambers we use a recognised and reliable industrial open source platform. This platform can easily be linked to other ICT systems in your company. 

Horticulture & Chambres climatiques

We design climate chambers to investigate the effect of changing conditions on crops, and to be able to grow crops indoors and otherwise (urban farming).

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Horticulture & Récupération de chaleur

The heat that is released during research in climate chambers can be reused wherever possible. EQUANS can design the climate chambers in such a way that the heat from the cooling compressors is used to heat the building, being sustainable and energy-efficient.

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Horticulture & Élimination progressive

We are happy to assist you phase out synthetic refrigerants and we offer various options for adapting your business operations to new European legislation and regulations.

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Horticulture & Conservation

The innovative storage systems of EQUANS are fully mechanical and used in an entirely isolated environment. This allows you to accurately control the ideal drying and storage conditions for agricultural products.

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