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Open Day at Geraats Potatoes: 9 & 10 March

Bert and Johan Geraats, both brothers and potato farmers, asked specialists Geerits Construction, Mooij Agro and ENGIE Refrigeration to build a new system and new barn for storing potatoes. Their challenging demand: preserving potatoes for a longer period of time without any loss of quality.

While Geerits Construction took care of the engineering of the barn, Mooij Agro was responsible for the installation of the ventilation system. ENGIE Refrigeration delivered the mechanical refrigeration system. In October 2018, the storage shed was completed, to the full satisfaction of the Geraats brothers.

Cooling independently of the outside air

Thanks to the unique mechanical storage solution, it is possible to cool, dry and store potatoes independently of the weather. As a result, Geraats BV can now keep its bulk potatoes in stable conditions throughout the year. Both the temperature, air humidity, and CO2 value remain constant.

The results at comparable clients are as impressive as at Geraats: less than 3% dehydration of the potatoes, longer storage life and up to 50% lower energy costs.

Come and visit us

Want to see and hear about Geraats’ experience yourself? Would you like more information on the storage results or specific characteristics of the refrigeration system? Or are you wondering what these partners can do for you? You will find them, together with Lamb Weston, AVR, Vohamij, Agro Buren, Steijns, Recticel Insulation, Swaans Beton grids, and contractor Van de Sande, on the open day of Geraats BV. Feel free to come by to take a look. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Kind regards,

Bert and Johan Geraats


  • Open Day at Geraats Potatoes: presentation on the new storage solution to preserve the quality of potatoes 


  • Saturday 9 March | 10 am to 5 pm | Open Day for professionals in the potato industry
  • Sunday 10 March | 11 am to 4 pm | Open Day for the public 


  • Geraats BV
  • Schoorstraat 10, 6095 NW Baexem 


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