Sustainably and efficiently ripening cheese

  • Solutions in cooling and heating technoloy
  • Lower energy costs through energy efficiency
  • Preserving product quality
  • Substantially higher yield
  • Even and controlled drying of cheese
  • No more weight loss from cheese than necessary
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Solutions for refrigeration and efficient energy consumption

EQUANS offers dairy companies an answer to every cooling and heating issue. From the moment the milk enters the factory, up to the cheese leaving the factory.  We can, for example, using an ice water installation, provide the required cooling for all processes where refrigeration is needed. We can refrigerate the milk after thermization or pasteurization and also provide the cooling for warehouses, offices, front rooms, production areas, and expeditions.

In addition to refrigeration solutions, EQUANS also offers other solutions for dairy companies. Think about more efficient dehumidification systems, were we save energy by dehumidifying only a part of the total airflow. Efficient energy consumption is also possible by using residual heat from the refrigeration system for other processes that require heat. EQUANS offers the technology to capture heat and apply it to other processes and reduce energy consumption by using additional heat exchangers in the air-handling system.

‘Refrigeration plays an important role in every step of the process’
- John Mijnen, projectleider nieuwbouw
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Smart air-handling technology for cheese

EQUANS does not only provide solutions in refrigeration and heating technology and energy efficiency, but in fact, we are also a leader in air-handling installations for cheese warehouses.  As a cheese producer or cheese trader, you want your cheeses to mature in the best possible way. You aim for high-quality cheese with the least possible weight loss. The air-handling system that we have developed will help you to supply the top-quality cheese that gives you your distinctive position on the market.

Our secret? In addition to constant temperatures and air humidity, we guarantee an equal airflow pattern around every cheese. This dries the cheese uniformly and in a controlled way. Our air-handling system is based on a system of pipes that contains nozzles with tapered sides. We design it especially for your cheese storage system. This technology has been thoroughly tested in our test facilities and is now proving its effectiveness on a daily basis. With this system, you achieve lower average dryness and you maintain the quality of all cheeses in your warehouse which is why the investment pays for itself.

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Dairy & Cheese ripening

With EQUANS technology, there is a conditioned air supply on every shelf and fresh air flows around every cheese resulting in even and controlled weight loss. This way, the cheese loses no more moisture than necessary, making you achieve optimum commercial results.

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Dairy & Heat recovery

The residual heat from the refrigeration system and the various cooling installations can be reused for other processes that require heat, such as cleaning activities. EQUANS offers the technology to capture heat and use it specifically for other processes. Residual heat recovery quickly results in considerably lower energy costs per year and less CO2 emissions.

Everything about Heat recovery

Dairy & Phasing out

We are happy to assist dairy companies with phasing out synthetic refrigerants. As of 2022, no new cooling installations may be built with synthetic refrigerants. We offer various suitable and safe applications for a future-proof alternative using natural refrigerants. By switching to natural refrigerants, you don’t only safeguard your own production process, but you can also benefit from interesting tax benefits

Everything about Phasing out

Financing options

If you are interested in our solution but are currently unable to invest in sustainable technology, then EQUANS will help you. In addition to design and realization, EQUANS can also help you finance and operate it. This way, you will immediately benefit from lower energy costs and sustainable entrepreneurship. Explore the options.

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